After July 2011, there were some significant changes to the Fellows program at IPGKDRI.

Now each of the lecturers in the English Department has chosen to be in the mentoring team with one or both of us.

We fellows have greatly enjoyed getting to know each of the lecturers better, discovering their professional strengths, and exploring ways that our expertise and experience can be used towards their professional development.
Each individual lecturer is unique. With some we are sharing a research project, with others we work through the requirements of the syllabus and how best to provide useful experiences for the trainee teachers.
Sometimes we can be most useful by working together on a challenging ICT project.

We are still conducting weekly workshops with the whole department. These are half-day sessions on topics that come out of our talks with individual lecturers.

ICT Workshop
At the end of this semester, in the period when the students will be busy with exams, we are planning to run an extended 4-day workshop/course for the lecturers. During this time we hope to share skills in ICT, using Word and PowerPoint more effectively, as well as interaction with the Internet - uploading and downloading, efficient use of emails, etc.



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