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We like our office, and we like other people to be comfortable when they come to spend time with us too.
Our homemade 'Welcome' sign is a little faded, and the door plaque is a little incorrect (and still needs to have Will's name added) ... there are other little things we can do to improve our office.

We bought a plant ... originally for inside, but after taking it outside for some 'sun kicks' we felt it looked so good out there that we kept it there.

We also bought a coffee table and some little plants to make a lovely little conference area in the middle of our office.

We are often amazed at and delighted by at the beautiful outfits worn by the female students at the IPG. At certain special times they wear uniforms to indicate that they belong to a particular class or club.

Over the last several days, classes and groups have been lining up for photos at the front of TELTTraC (the English Department).

So I looked out of our office window and saw some beautiful butterflies fluttering by ...

So I just had to go and see!

These lovely young ladies are all from the Islamic Education class, and this is their class uniform.

I'd like to introduce one of our colleagues - Nazeri.
Nazeri likes to blog. And sometimes he blogs about the fellows ...
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TELTTraC Diary

Things rolled up and finished so quickly at the end of 2011, and then all of a sudden 2012 was upon us ...

That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Three people retired from the English department in 2011. When the much loved Dr Nur Azila announced she was retiring, we were all invited to a wonderful meal and enjoyable gathering at the Ri-Yaz Resort on Pulau Duyong (the island in the middle of the river in Kuala Terengganu).

It was a "steamboat" meal, and the IPG Rector (who was also retiring) was a special guest.

Retirement Party
The whole IPG faculty then attended a celebration for all of the retirees (not just English Department).

At this function, besides a fabulous buffet meal being served, everyone received a raffle ticket as they arrived and then dozens of prizes were drawn for including several diamond rings and bicycles...

It was a lot of fun even though (to the amazement of our friends around us who were all winners) we didn't win anything!
The fellows are back from holiday in Australia, and ready for another exciting year at IPGKDRI.

We now have a third fellow joining us from KL, Mr Will Tweedie.

We know that our colleagues at IPGKDRI will make Will feel welcome and part of the family.
With the IPG students involved in exams and the like, our English Department colleagues are free to join us in a workshop where we can all upgrade our ITC skills.

We are participating in sessions on Advanced use of files and folders, Using Word in all its intricacies, Improving PowerPoint Presentations, Editing Digital Photos, Using Movie Maker, and creating a Weebly website! That's quite a full program.

Today, Tuesday, was yet another get together and feast on amazing delicacies prepared by many clever cooks.

This time it was at the Teaching School near TELLTraC. And here are a few photos:
Nazeri has placed some lovely photos of the English Department feasting in TELLTraC on the TELLTraC Diary site - make sure you take a look.
On September 14th and 15th 2011, all of the Fellows gathered for a conference from their five different locations around Malaysia.

We stayed in the Concorde Hotel - this was our early morning view of the Petronas Towers!

We spent the whole 2 days in meetings. There have been quite a few changes in the Fellows Project since we first came. One change is that Dr Choong has retired from ELTC, replaced by Dr Ranjit.
The conference was very worthwhile -  it's always good to meet up with the other fellows, and it was great to have a chance to talk with MoE people, but it was lovely to get back to Kuala Terengganu at the end of it!